Vakuum is emptiness. It is the absence, the beginning, a blank mind. Vakuum is weightless, a place to be suspended, a space which is governed by other laws.

Martin Lippo inaugurates a space dedicated to experimentation / research / excitement / fun / reimagining the haute cuisine. He does to keep learning and surprising. But above all, he does to give a platform to the infinite possibilities offered today by the kitchen. The project is called Vakuum. It is so called because the vacuum is a concept that reflects the place or time when nothing and everything can happen. A magical moment of vertigo and freedom.

“Coge aire. Haz el vacío a tu pensamiento. A todo lo que has aprendido, a cualquier noción preconcebida. Deja fuera a maestros y gurús, técnicas y tendencias. Deja fuera todo lo establecido. Quédate solo con tus manos y tu intuición. Con tu talento y tu vértigo. Abraza el vacío: empieza de cero. Redefine cada elemento y cada herramienta. Todo vuelve a empezar. Todo vuelve a ser posible. Suelta aire.”


  • Creative direction: Marion Dönneweg, Jorge Virgós
  • Graphic Design: Marion Dönneweg
  • Client: Martin Lippo
  • Photography: Javier Tles


  • Branding, Editorial, Photography.