Solvia Banc Sabadell

The agency * S, C, P, F, … wins Solvia account, the real estate of Banco Sabadell, and asks me the art direction, and above all, to create a different language. The real estate industry tradiotionally is not known for making a very sophisticated communication, and now, thanks to the crisis, is the worst time in history. It is therefore a delicate project.

I created a totally different visual universe from what we are used by real estate style, and presented an art direction based on very simple illustrations, at the beginning in black and white that evaluated to more poetic colored illustrations. The tone is serious, thoughtful, poetic, humane and above all, with a lot of empathy with the consumer. I wanted to put ourselves in the shoes of who will buy (rent) a house , with his dreams, fears and expectations. A house is much more than 1oo m2 with three bedrooms, parking and storage. It´s your home.


  • Art Direction: Marion Dönneweg
  • Creative Direction: Toni Segarra, Miguel Madariaga, Marion Dönneweg
  • Illustration: Carmen Segovia
  • Photograpy: Roc
  • Client: *S,C,P,F,…, Banc Sabadell


  • Laus 2014
  • Silver advertising creativity “Solvia posicionamiento”
  • Bronze graphic design “Solvia posicionamiento”
  • Laus 2015
  • advertising creativity “Burbuja”
  • advertising creativity “Pájaros”
  • advertising creativity “Flores”
  • CdeC 2014
  • art direction Solvia “Barrio”
  • art direction Solvia “Olas”
  • Best use of illustration Solvia “Barrio”
  • Best use of illustration Solvia“Olas”
  • Ideas “Campaña posicionamiento”
  • CdeC 2015
  • Gold art direction Solvia “Pájaros”
  • Gold art direction Solvia “Casas con flores”
  • Gold art direction Solvia “Burbujas”
  • Bronze Best use of illustration Solvia “Pájaros”
  • Bronze Best use of illustration Solvia “Casas con flores”
  • Bronze Best use of illustration Solvia “Máquina de escribir”