Plom gallery

Plom Gallery is an art gallery for children. It is a container of hundreds of artworks and illustrations. On the one hand we thought that the common denominator of the work of art is its support: paper, symbolically. Here all begins, and stay there all. Black on white (so to speak). On the other hand, we like to think Plom is like a blank sheet of paper, which hides an infinite art world. If we make a hole and peered us to him, we discover a world of color, thousand and one ways of expression. So Plom is a window to look out and discover this infinite universe.

The brand concept is centered on the paper, in the dies as windows, revealing us the art on another plane.
Plom by itself does not exist, does not work alone. It makes sense in conjunction with the artwork. It is a a hole, a window showing the work. Plom is a vehicle of knowledge, a selection criteria.


  • Creative Direction: Marion Dönneweg, Merche Alcalá
  • Graphic Design: Marion Dönneweg
  • Interiorism: Merche Alcalá
  • Production: Sandra Coll
  • Client: Martha Zimmermann


  • Architecture & Design, Branding.