Little Big Kids

Little Big Kids is a bilingual center of creativity for children whose primary goal is to provide activities that stimulate their imagination, knowledge, creativity, values nd respect for the world around them.
Very original workshops are offered caring both its content and its formal aspect: recycling and environment, healthy food, audiovisual (filming a TV show), around the world, art and film.

It´s all about boxes

The visual and constructive concept came in form of cardboard boxes:
We conclude that the most important educational goal, apart from transmitting knowledge, is to stimulate the wonderful innate curiosity that children have. Let them ask the questions and discover the vast world around us. A box is a beautiful metaphor to explain all these little worlds, and seeing a box one can’t help wondering what will be inside and want to open it to reveal the mystery.

“Discover the world is like opening boxes: Large and small. Red, white, yellow and green. Cardboard and wood. Some forgotten. Other found. Some known and other surprise (Oooh!). In stack, row or disordered. Will there be inside an ant, an elephant, a chocolate ice cream? A fire engine, the smell of candy or a whistle?”

From a more formal point of view, the boxes could contain the workshops materials, we could move them, stack them, etc. The cardboard box is an element that also brought us other defaults: texture (touch), security (children), ease of construction, versatility, plasticity, recycling, and a world of infinite possibilities.

The project was to organize an area of 00 m2, which could develop a series of activities in workshop format, and should also consider the possibility of expanding the project to future franchises, and therefore have a flexible typology.

The space is a house of 85 m2 situated on a landscaped plot of 800 m2 and located in a residential neighborhood. 6 modules are added to organize three prefabricated classrooms of 34 m2 in the garden. Lighten the structure of these “boxes” with glass partitions and creating a walk through the axis becomes a visually open space around which are organized classroom and garden.

Another application of the visual concept (boxes) are the windows, arranging them in piles from the ground. Seen from the inside the windows blend with the real storage boxes that contain the materials for the workshops. Windows are boxes that contain views from inside the outside (garden), and contain views from outside the workshops. No need to order, the disorder is allready organized. The boxes are made keeping its most conventional appearance and marked with the corresponding graphical image.


  • Creative Direction: Marion Dönneweg, Merche Alcalá
  • Graphic Design: Marion Dönneweg
  • Interiorism: Merche Alcalá
  • Client: Berta Domínguez
  • Production: Sandra Coll


  • Architecture & Design, Branding, Print, Illustration