This company is dedicated to the world of cocktails, but from a modern and innovate approach. The client decided to open a different cocktail bar, with its own life beyond bartending, where the R+D and quality would be the engine of the project, and with the added intention of offering their knowledges through catering, equated to the protocols of good food catering.

From here emerges the naming/concept I+Drink (I+D in Spanish means R+D “Research and Development”) which is not only added to the concept of drinks, but to so many other connotations that help to explain the soul of the brand: I+Love, I+Wow!, I+E-mc2, I+Poison, I+Santiago de Cuba, I+Sinatra, I+Manhattan, I+Yes!, I+Drink on tour (for catering), etc…

They also mantain a spot that serves as laboratory and showroom dedicated to investigate and develop new proposals.

The sign on the façade was adapted so that it could be used (also) as outside bar and so keep the façade as simple as possible.

The idea builds on mobile and transportable modules like “flight cases” (containers for concert instruments, used by both musicians as DJ’s). With this idea and under the “I+Drink on tour” is to communicate, in an implicit way, the service catering and events (the other important aspect of this business). Each module is a independent “cell” for different uses: storage, dishwasher, workstation, beer tap, etc.. And each one is signed by a graphical application with a reference number. So the bar may be used permanently and in a fixed way, or be transported in modules to any type of event.

The sofa is also made of independent modules like pixels which allow almost endless configurations. The client can choose the best combination, depending for example on the number of people.


Winner of the FAD interiorism award 2010

The jury said:
“Merry meet between a good briefing and a good project. A cool and dynamic space, breaking molds and taking on new challenges without any complex. The possibility of moving the local bars for use as catering modules gives it a very contemporary nomad feeling. In short, a complete project: technology, interior design, graphic design, industrial design and a touch of ephemeral freshness.”


  • Creative Direction: Marion Dönneweg, Merche Alcalá
  • Graphic Design: Marion Dönneweg
  • Interiorism: Merche Alcalá
  • Production: Sandra Coll
  • Copywriting: Jorge Virgós


  • Architecture & Design, Branding, Industrial Design.