We commissioned the creation of a “very spanish” brand to identify a number of spanish products in order to market them in the asian or other potential markets.

This brand had to work almost as an designation of origen, as a warranty of quality and associated with Spain and “spanishness”. Being an umbrella to gather all kinds of products, especially in the food industry: wine, oil, sweets, etc.

We propose a name, “Españolísimo” that immediately is linked to the brand Spain, known around the world and taking advantage of the good image and it’s positive associations.

The accents and the sign “ñ” are very distinctive characteristic of the Spanish language. Highlighting these in the logo, we emphasize the spanish character (besides the colors of the spanish identity).

Moving the signs away from the word, explains the nature of our travelling products. They are specifically designed to be sold far outside Spain.

The brand has a clear vocation for export, to travel, to go outside.


  • Project developed with Jorge Virgós
  • Graphic Design: Marion Dönneweg
  • Naming: Jorge Virgós
  • Client: Felipe Cosmen


  • Branding, Packaging, Print.