El cau family space

In a hostile terrain like the city, where children do not have their space, we must invent a place where both children and their families can enjoy their free time in common in an educational way. We have to invent a habitat to suit us, in which we feel at home. An underworld outside the official world. A refuge. An ecosystem with its own laws. A burrow.
The burrow is like a world parallel to the adult world, in which they rule. Children are like tops in their own circuit, from which they can enter and leave and interact with the “outside” and even influence in it with “hooligan” way actions: through periscopes, holes to get their hands with puppets, making shadows Chinese, etc. In addition to containing all kinds of games and activities for them.


  • Creative Direction: Marion Dönneweg, Merche Alcalá
  • Graphic Design: Marion Dönneweg
  • Interiorism: Merche Alcalça
  • Production: Sandra Coll
  • Client: Loren Tresserra


  • Architecture & Design, Branding, Print, Illustration